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Panna National Park as Tigress Gives Birth to 2 Cubs

24 Sep, 2020

Panna Has Reason to Celebrate as Tigress Gives Birth to 2 Cubs

Panna National Park has a reason to rejoice, for now. A tigress, by the name of P-141, has given birth to two cubs. The tigress, along with her two cubs, was captured in a photograph by the patrolling unit of the Panna National Park. KS Bhadoria, tiger reserve director of Panna National Park, said that P-141 was first spotted earlier this week along with her cubs in Hinota range of the park. It is believed that the cubs are 75 days old.

Why is this good news for Panna National Park?

This is good news for Panna National Park because the park witnessed the deaths of 4 tigers over the course of 9 months. What is worrying is that in the majority of these cases, the carcass was found in a decaying state, thus raising doubts on the proper monitoring of the tigers.

In the last such case, the body of P-123 was found floating on the Ken River. It was suspected that the tiger had gone missing after a territorial fight with another tiger called P-431. What was unfortunate was that the body of the tiger was found without its head and genitals.

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