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23 Feb, 2023

When Tigress Meets Leopard: Viral Video Shows A Rare Encounter in Panna Tiger Reserve

Panna National Park and Tiger Reserve has always been on the top of the list of viral news of wildlife chasing in the forests, specifically about the Royal Bengal Tigers and leopards. Another viral video from Panna Tiger Reserve has taken the internet by storm these days. A unique video where a tigress is seen chasing a leopard in the wild leaving viewers awestruck and captivated.

Shared by an IFS (Indian Forest Service) officer, Susanta Nandi, the Panna Tiger Reserve video viral shows a tigress getting ready to chase a leopard, who immediately starts climbing a tree to save its life. The tigress is also seen attempting to climb the tree, however, after a short while, she gives up.

Now, the extended or longer version of this Panna Tiger Reserve viral video has been released recently. It shows the leopard jumping between the trees as the tigress is sitting on the ground. At one point, they both are seen facing each other and might want to start a fight. As per the officers in the national park, the leopard came down from the tree and wanted to run away into the forest. However, the tigress did not let it go.

What left the visitors and later the audience of the video mesmerised is that the leopard is seen lying on the ground and the tigress keeps circling it as if she wants to kill her competitor. However, the tigress left the spot after a minute and a half. To explain the tigress’s strange behaviour, the officials said that the tigress was protecting her cubs and it made her extremely vigilant of any kind of threats.

The wild and untamed world of Panna Tiger Reserve, where nature's magnificence and raw power come to life always stunned its visitors with stunning new viral videos. Just like others, after seeing this new one, some of the social media users flooded with comments like “See the astounding speed with which the leopard climbed the tree! Amazing!” Another person added, "Wow!!! Awesome charge by the Tiger and its instinct to chase getting it up that high up a tree, thanks to the momentum!!! Leopard certainly must have heard its own heartbeats while going up the tree trunk."

The Panna Tiger Reserve is a significant success story of conservation efforts in India, and the video has brought well-deserved recognition to the hard work of the park rangers and conservationists. Furthermore, it is crucial to keep in mind that every species in the forest, especially when they become a mother, will go to great lengths to protect their young from any potential threats, highlighting the importance of continuing conservation efforts for the well-being of all wildlife.

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